Registration of citizenship of the Russian Federation for children born in the United States, Canada

Issue Russian citizenship to a child born abroad

A child acquires citizenship of the Russian Federation by birth, if on the day of birth both parents or the only parent have Russian citizenship regardless of the place of birth of the child (part 1 of item “a” of article 12 of the Federal law “on citizenship of the Russian Federation” of may 31, 2002 No. 62-FZ).

This means that the parents have no choice to issue or not to issue the child a Russian citizen to enter Russia, the child must obtain a passport of the Russian Federation. We will be happy to help you with registration without personal presence.

If one of the child’s parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation, and the other is a foreigner, the child can obtain citizenship and a separate passport of the Russian Federation AT the request of the parents (but this is not mandatory, and for traveling to Russia, it is enough for him to apply for a visa in his foreign passport).

We do not accept orders for obtaining Russian citizenship if one of the parents is a foreigner, since both parents and the child must be present in person at the consular office.

Whether to get a Russian birth certificate

No, the Russian birth certificate is not issued, since the fact of birth has already been initially registered by the relevant authorities of a foreign country (for example, the United States or Canada).

In accordance with article 13 of the Federal law “On acts of civil status” dated November 15, 1997 №143-FZ official document confirming the fact of birth of the child for Russia, totally the same as Russian birth certificate, a foreign birth certificate with apostille (or authentication state for Canada), translation into Russian language of the Russian and notarization of the translator’s signature.


Citizenship child

5  work days – 900$

3 work days – 950$

Translation 2-3 days of a birth certificate and notarization – 100$

Citizenship + International passport for child

20-25 work days – 3000$

1 part — must be provided to US in the original by mail or at the PFR office Agency in person:
Original foreign birth certificate with apostille (for birth certificates issued in Canada – with the state authentication of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Canada in the form of a red seal and legalization, performed at any consular office of the Russian Federation in Canada), translated into Russian and notarized.
Personal check/money order/cashier check, PayPal, Zelle, Money transfer with payment (including return shipping, if you want to receive completed documents by mail) to the name of PFR AGENCY.

Part 2-must be sent in electronic form to our mail :
One photo in electronic form, in color.
Copies of internal passports of both parents (main page and all pages with registration).
Copies of both parents ‘ foreign passports (main page).
A copy of the marriage certificate, if the parents are married.
If the child’s mother had several changes of last name, then copies of supporting documents for each change of last name.

When a new passport is ready, we inform the customer about its readiness by providing a copy of the new passport in electronic form and inform the delivery time. Additionally, a DHL tracking number is provided for tracking the receipt. We send the finished documents with the option “DSR-Direct Signature Required”.

Please note : the postage fee for sending completed documents in the amount of $300 are paid in addition to the amount of Your order. If you need more urgent delivery (overnight, priority overnight) or Saturday delivery, let us know. We will let you know the exact cost for your delivery address.