Proof of citizenship of the Russian Federation in the USA, Canada

PFR Agency verifies the presence of Russian citizenship for citizens living in the United States by sending a request to the Russian competent authorities

All You have to do is send us the necessary documents by email, which are listed below.
There is no need to personally attend the Consulate and wait for an appointment
Documents can be submitted at the PFR agency office, as well as by mail or email.

Terms of service execution :

From one to four months. The maximum period is not defined and depends on the response time of the corresponding state institution of the Russian Federation on the territory of Russia or in another country where Russian citizenship was acquired, at the request of the Russian Consulate in the United States.
To avoid wasting time, you can apply for an internal (General) passport of the Russian Federation through our Agency and restore the Russian passport on the basis of it.

Service cost


1 part-you must provide us in the original by mail or in person at the office :

Personal check/money order/cashier check with payment in the name of PFR Agency.
You can also use resources such as PayPal to the address :


Part 2-must be sent in electronic form to our mail  :

Completed application for citizenship verification.
Photo, passport size (3.5 cm by 4.5 cm) in electronic form.
A copy of the current, expired foreign passport (main page with photo).
A copy of an expired internal passport or passport of the USSR (main page with photo and page with registration).
A copy of the certificate of citizenship.
A copy of the birth certificate.
If you are applying for proof of citizenship for a minor, you also need a copy of a valid Russian passport of one of the parents (the main page with a photo).
A copy of the document confirming the status in the United States (us passport, green card, visa, etc.).

When you receive a response to the Consulate’s request, PFR agency will notify You of the verification result by phone and email.

If you confirm that you have Russian citizenship, you can apply for a foreign passport at the Russian Consulate in the United States within a year.

If you urgently need a passport, you can use PFR Agency to issue an internal passport and restore your passport based on a valid internal passport. The cost of the service depends on the personal situation.