Registration of an internal passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation in the United States and Canada

For citizens who legally reside in USA and Canada

PFR agency offers a service for issuing internal passports of the Russian Federation for all Russian citizens living in the United States and Canada

Replacement of a passport in 20-45 years

5-8 weeks – 3000$

Replacement of the inner passport in case of loss 

5-8 weeks – 4500$

Initial receipt of the Internal passport

5-8 weeks – 3000$


1 part-you must send us the original by mail, or in person at the office :

The original of the previous internal passport of the Russian Federation (it will be archived) or the original of the child’s birth certificate with a mark on the citizenship of the Russian Federation in the case of initial receipt of the internal passport at the age of 14 (it will be returned together with the passport);
If you need to issue a passport with a new name and surname, please attach the original of a foreign document confirming the change of surname (marriage certificate, court decision, etc.) with an apostille translated into Russian, notarized. We will return these documents together with a new internal passport;
Personal check/money order/cashier check, PayPal, Zelle, Money transfer with payment (including return shipping* if you want to receive the completed documents by mail) to the name of PFR Agency.

Part 2-must be sent in electronic form to our mail  :

One photo in electronic form, in color;
A copy of the marriage certificate of the Russian Federation.
If the passport is changed due to marriage in the United States, an apostilled, translated, and notarized marriage certificate.
A copy of the current or expired passport (main page with photo);
A copy of the birth certificate;

If the passport is issued for a minor who has reached the age of 14, you also need a copy of the current internal passport of one of the parents (the main page with a photo and all pages with registration).

When the new passport is ready, we inform the customer about its readiness by providing a copy of the new passport in electronic form and inform the delivery time. Additionally, a DHL tracking number is provided for tracking the receipt. We send the finished documents by DHL with the option “DSR-Direct Signature Required”.

⚠️ Attention: the postage fee for sending completed documents in the amount of 300$  are paid in addition to the amount of Your order. If you need more urgent delivery (overnight, priority overnight) or Saturday delivery, let us know. We will let you know the exact cost for your delivery address.